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ISA Webinar Series | Left, Right, and Center Discuss Federal Industrial Policies - Shared screen with speaker view
Joel Gershenfeld
I have a question for all the panelists centering on new multi-stakeholder collaborative arrangements. These include public-private partnerships, pre-competitive R&D, labor-management partnerships, and other arrangements that span organizational boundaries. I am seeing more of these arrangements, reflecting the inability of any one organization or even any one sector to meet the challenges we face. What are the policy implications relevant to these multi-stakeholder arrangements?
Joel Gershenfeld
Needless to say all three have commented on these types of arrangements and the question is whether and how to lift this up.
Timothy J Sturgeon
Gotta go, nice to see everyone. Good job Andrew R.
Chips iHealth
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Chips iHealth
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Chips iHealth
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Chips iHealth
Do we have time for Open Q&A?
Thomas Croft
Thanks to Andy for a good re-cap of the Heartland Tour and our joint Sustainable Industrial Policy (SIP) proposals. I’d like to ask if the speakers have followed the EU SIP and how that has merged with the Green Deal. 800 b. Euros has been set aside in the EU recovery plan for the Just Transition Fund (JT) and the Sustainable Finance Fund. So, there are significant institutions that have been built to stand up a broad SIP framework, one that also recognizes bottoms up territorial planning as part of the JT Fund. Is there an opening to go beyond aspirational GND ideas and anti-China rhetoric to, in a new Administration, propose concrete institutions to carry out this work? Can we connect workers’ capital strategies—with labor oversight—to these strategies? Tom Croft, Heartland Capital Strategies (HCS)